Our [Goal]

Our Goal as an IT company is to not only quickly and discreetly take care of your computer needs, but to approach problems with a teacher’s heart.  We pride ourselves on the ability to explain service issues or equipment needs in a way that is accessible to all our customers.  


We want our customers to be supremely confident that our recommendations are always in the best interest of the office.  Some of the more technical aspects of Networking can be overwhelming.  There is a dizzying array of equipment and software out there,  it is our job to make sure that the solution we offer is scaled correctly to your needs.  We encourage our clients to ask questions,  Google price check us,  and in general be informed about what all of your options are.


There is nothing worse than having an office down.  Keeping your office up is always our objective, but those times when you need us you should know we will be there.  That’s why in cases where your ability to function as a business has been interrupted due to computer service we have a 4 hour response time guarantee.


Through keeping detailed notes on issues, passwords, network information, prior purchases, software, and any unique circumstances of all our clients, we are able to address issues in a fast and efficient manor.   We spend the extra time to document A LOT of information about your office.  By retaining our customers for long relationships we are able to reap great reward from our diligence by having quick access to information that other companies would have to spend time researching.